Teaching with Apps

There are thousands of apps that are available to liven up your classroom. Apps give you the ability to add new elements to your lectures that will benefit both you and your students. Apps are usually inexpensive or free and give you unlimited resources to incorporate into the classroom. Each week, I will introduce new apps that you may find interesting and hopefully, useful.


Keynote can be used from an iPad or Mac computer. Keynote works similarly to Power Point, however, Keynote provides more templates, transitions and animation options than Power Point. A plus to Keynote is that all of the presentations are stored in the iCloud. You never have to worry about bringing the right flash drive to class again or bringing an outdated version. Simply log into your iCloud account and pull up your presentation. Not using a Mac computer in your classroom? Keynote presentations can be converted to a video file that advance on click, just like a Power Point.

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Explain Everything is a screencasting app that will allow you to present your lecture similarly to as if you were using an overhead projector. Once you connect your iPad to the projector using a VGA to iPad connection cable, you would be able to write on the iPad using multiple colors (like you are using dry erase markers) and different functions. If at the beginning of the lecture you hit record on the app, you can save the project as a video, upload the video to YouTube, and the students would have access to a recording of your class notes as well as your narration in real time. This could be especially helpful for professors who teach asynchronous online classes via iCollege.

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