Tablets vs. Textbooks

I recently read an article on the website Mashable called, “The Future of Education: Tablets vs. Textbooks,” written by Margaret Rock for Mobelidia. With advances in technology and our country’s dependency on them, this article is very interesting, and I believe holds a major amount of weight for the future of our education system, as the title would suggest. Now, as we know, technology isn’t cheap but apparently buying tablets for students’ costs less than the amount the country pays yearly for textbooks. While it would be cheaper to pay for tablets a growing problem is that public schools do not possess infrastructures strong and large enough to support the amount of bandwidth that would be needed for the resources to function properly. One California school district has decided to pilot a program to replace textbooks with tablets and has found that children with tablets perform better in test taking with tablets, but inversely have found that long term retention of knowledge has decreased with the use of tablets.

Ultimately some find that tablets and technology taking the place of textbooks is inevitable. Time will tell. What do you think? You can view the article here: