Using TurnItIn in iCollege

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This document describes how to use the various tools associated with TurnItIn on iCollege, such as the Originality check, Originality Reports, and Feedback Studio.


  • Campus ID and password.


Using TurnItIn

Turning on Originality Check

  1. Within the Course Homepage:
    1. Select Assessments
    2. Click Assignments
  2. Click New Submission Folder.
  3. After creating your New Folder:
    1. Name your folder
    2. Select Turnitin tab
  4. Within the Turnitin Tab
    1. Check Enable Turnitin for this folder
    2. Check Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their dropbox folder
    3. Click Save and Close
    NOTE By checking Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their dropbox folder, you are enabling students to see their originality reports. If you are going to use Feedback Studio to add comments to student’s papers, this option must be checked. Student originality reports will be generated after the students have submitted their papers.

To View Reports

    1. Within the Assignment Submission Folders window:
      1. Select your folder
      2. selectfolder
      3. View your students’ submissions
      4. turnitin-screenshot-5

      Understanding Reports

      1. Clicking the colored bar next to the Originality Check percentage will give you access to Feedback Studio
      2. The In-Progress means the system is still processing the assignment so the Originality Check percentage cannot be displayed. Though generally completed in minutes, a paper can take up to 48 hours to process.
      3. This icon means that the system cannot read the paper or it needs to be resubmitted. Clicking on the icon will resubmit the paper.
    The Originality Reports Page. To the left of the report will display a colored bar, In-Progress, or an icon.

    Using Feedback Studio to Add Comments to a Paper

    NOTE: To enable Feedback Studio and add comments to student’s papers, the Originality Check must be enabled, and Turning on Originality Check must be checked.
    1. To access Feedback Studio:
      1. Click the colored box next to the Originality Check for the student
      2. In the new pop up window click I agree
      3. turnitin-screenshot-6
      4. In the new pop up window click X to end tour
      5. turnitin-screenshot-7
    2. Within Feedback Studio, click Quick Marks
    3. turnitin-screenshot-8
    4. Within Quick Marks:
      1. Drag and Drop comments into the student’s paper. You can also highlight words or a sentence (left click and then drag your mouse over the area) and then place a comment over it.
      2. Add your own comments by typing in the box under the pre-made comments
      3. turnitin-screenshot-9
        NOTE: Any comments you have added to a student’s paper are saved automatically. You are also able to leave the area and come back to finish your commenting at any time.
    5. When a student views their paper, they will see your comment and, when they mouse over it, any details you added to it.
      When a student views their paper, they will see your comment and details

Compatible File Types

TurnItIn will accept the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word® (.doc / .docx)*
  • OpenOffice (.odt)**
  • WordPerfect® (.wpd)
  • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
  • Adobe® PDF
  • HTML
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • Plain text (.txt)

TurnItIn will NOT accept the following file types:

  • Microsoft Works (.wps) file types.
  • Apple Pages file types.
  • Spreadsheets (ex. Excel files) or PowerPoint files.
  • PDF files of images, or PDF files which do not contain highlightable text (ex. a “scanned” file, which is often simply a picture of text, is unacceptable).
  • .odt files created and downloaded from Google Docs
  • .doc” files created using OpenOffice


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or