Teaching with Twitter

31% of Internet users ages 18-24 have adopted Twitter as a social networking site with 20% of those users actively using Twitter on a daily basis. Twitter has become an effective educational tool that not only strengthens the communication between professors and students, but also provides a new medium to create and submit assignments and projects.

Here are a few ways to incorporate Twitter in your classroom:

  1. If you are in a large class where it is difficult hear questions or take questions from your students, start a class specific twitter page (such as @gsuCSC1010) that you keep open during class and allow students to tweet questions. At the end of class, read and respond to some of the questions.
  2. Encourage your students to start student Twitter pages to communicate with their professors and to turn in assignment. If they create pages that use their CampusID, it will be possible to have students turn in assignments (such as @mmcgee1).
  3. Have students turn in assignments via twitter (shake it up a bit!). Perhaps you have an assignment that requires the student to create a YouTube video or submit a link. Have the students submit their links via Twitter and retweet some of the highest scoring projects to your class.
For more tips for using Twitter in the classroom:
Monique McGee