Exporting Quiz Grades in Brightspace


Automatic quiz score export

Checking these two boxes will automate the quiz score export to grades.

Since implementing Brightspace, we’ve been inundated with questions. Some of which were expected, others challenged us to find out more about the system. We’ve appreciated all of the questions and without a doubt, one of the most inquired about topics is how to export quiz grades to the grade book. Let me tell you how exactly this works. First of all, to automate the export process you need to check two boxes that will send the scores to the gradebook upon completing the quiz. These checkboxes can be found in the quiz set-up, specifically under the Properties tab. The first item to check is allow automatic export to grades. This allows for the grades to be sent to your gradebook automatically, however, Brightspace will only do so when the submitted grade attempts are set as graded.  That is where the second checkbox comes in: allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion. This option marks the submitted quiz attempt as graded, then the first option we checked will send it to the gradebook. Note though that this will only work if you’ve actually attached a grade item to your quiz.

Manually export quiz scores to the gradebook

Mark scores as graded by clicking on the computer icon. Click “Update” to set attempts as graded and “Export to Grades” to send scores to the gradebook.

What if you forgot to set this up and your students already completed the quiz? In this case we can mark the attempts as graded ourselves and then send it to the gradebook. Again, you need a grade item for this to work. If you don’t have one yet, it’s not too late to set it up. Now, go into the quiz and then click grade. From here, just mark the attempts as graded by clicking on the icon that shows three computers with a G above it. This will check the box to the right of each attempt that your students completed. Click Updated to save this. Next, click Export to Grades. All of the grades will now be there. This manual way of exporting is useful if you don’t want your students to see their quiz scores immediately after completing the quiz.