Finding Your Student Email Address and Password

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The steps below help users obtain their CampusID and CampusID password in order to begin using the PantherMail student email system. When you have obtained your log in information, you can log into PantherMail.


  1. Your student email address
  2. Your initial password
  3. Log in to PantherMail

Your PantherMail Login Information

1. Your Student Email Address:

Your student email address is your CampusID followed by Your CampusID can be found on the back of your PantherCard above the magnetic strip. If you do not have a PantherCard, you can find your CampusID and Panther number online.

2. Your Password for PantherMail: CampusID Password

Your password for PantherMail is your CampusID password, the same password you use to log in to PAWS, GoSolar, and iCollege.

If you have never set your CampusID password, you must activate your CampusID.

3. Log In to PantherMail at

When you have your email address and CampusID password, you can log in to your PantherMail account at


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IS&T Help Center at 404-413-HELP (4357) or

Steps to Retrieve Your CampusID and Panther Number Online

If you are unable to locate your CampusID and Panther # using your PantherCard, you can retrieve the information using the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. In the CampusID/Panther# lookup screen:
    1. Enter your First Initial in the First Initial: field.
    2. Enter your Last Name in the Last Name: field.
    3. Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN in the Last 4 SSN or Last 4 A or S#: field.
    4. Enter your Date of Birth in the Date of Birth: field.
    5. Click Search.
    Panther number Look Up: Step 2
  3. You will now see your Panther # listed along with your Student Email and CampusID.
    Panther number Look Up: Step 3


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or