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11/28/2012 18:00:44 Sorry, but I’ve searched the page twice now and cannot locate the signin link. Suggest that you make it more prominent!
The URL is

11/29/2012 8:19:40 – are their any more faculty sessions
There are no more overview sessions but you can get 1-1 training by contacting the Exchange, 404-413-4700, or by going to our web site and completing the request form

11/29/2012 12:52:04 – Are students currently able to login to desire to learn?
Students will be able to log into D2L and see their courses the week of January 7, 2013

11/30/2012 11:33:34 – When I log in there are no Spring 2013 courses there. When will these show up for regular faculty?
Spring 2013 courses have been loaded in D2l. If you can not find your courses please call or e-mail the Exchange and they will walk you through how to locate them 404-413-4700

11/30/2012 16:22:47 – I’m able to log into one of my spring courses, but in the class list I see only myself, not the 25 students I see registered when I look at PAWS. When will class lists begin to populate?
Students will not be added to courses until the week of January 7, 2013

12/3/2012 18:03:54 – Will desire2learn be compatible with Windows 8? I just bought a laptop with this system and am having problems with the ULearn sidebar.
Brightspace should be compatible with Windows 8

12/10/2012 10:20:34 – Hi. I was trying to log in on desire2learn but it did not allow me to enter. when will be available to log in?
Faculty can log into D2L now, students will not have access until the week of January 7, 2013

12/11/2012 12:53:32 – I see all of my migrated classes in D2L, but I don’t see my Spring 2013 class. Where could it be?
Please use the search bar or the course management to locate your Spring 2013 courses

12/11/2012 13:19:17 – Will email forwarding be available to faculty?
At this time, e-mail forwarding will not be available in D2L

12/12/2012 10:06:13 – A textbook I plan to use next semester has digital features which the publisher can integrate into D2L. Is there a contact name I can give the publisher?
Please call the Exchange, 404-413-4700, for more information about this

12/12/2012 11:07:35 – When should I expect Spring 2012 classes to show up on my page?
For faculty, Spring 2013 courses have been loaded in D2L. If you are having trouble locating them please contact the Exchange for help 404-413-4700

12/12/2012 19:10:19 – How do I add my spring 2013 course on Desire2Learn? A previous question asked when they’d be loaded, and the response was in 2 weeks (around mid-November). I’m unable to add my course, though.
For faculty,Spring 2013 courses have been loaded in D2L. If you are having trouble locating them please contact the Exchange for help 404-413-4700

11/27/2012 8:27:10 What is the maximum attachment size?
The maximum attachment size for students is 10 megs.

11/17/2012 6:40:54 – I was told that there is a plagiarism checker on Desire2Learn. Can you tell me how i can access this tool?
Yes, the plagiarism checker can be enabled when you create a dropbox (check the box underneath the title of your assignment).

11/14/2012 5:53:04 – Will the quizzes I have built in Ulearn migrate to D2L for sure?
Quizzes will migrate from uLearn to Desire2Learn.

11/12/2012 18:46:49 – I’m an a part-time instructor. I’ve signed up for the 11/16 D2L demo but will be challenged to get to GSU. Can the demo’s be done via a live meeting type arrangement?
Demo’s can be done virtually. Please contact the Exchange, 404-413-4357, to schedule one of these.

11/11/2012 20:27:28 – I just want to make sure I am not confusing the nomenclature/branding of the new LMS. “uLearn” was run on BlackBoard Vista. But GSU always addressed the LMS with the brand name uLearn. My student email and the demo video uses “Desire2Learn” as a parallel to “uLearn”. But wouldn’t it still be “uLearn” (or some GSU brand name) run on D2L? Its just something that caught my eye. Thanks! 🙂
The name of the new learning management system will be Desire2Learn. The system we are currently using was renamed uLearn because Blackboard named it Vista at the same time Miscosoft released it’s Vista product. To avoid confusion we renamed it uLearn.

11/9/2012 20:59:14 – So I just tried to access D2L using the same username and password that I use for uLearn to test it out and it’s not working. Are we suppose to use the same login info for D2L?
For log in problems, please contact the help center, Please note that part time faculty and staff have not been added to the system yet. They should be in by December 1.

11/9/2012 12:04:18 – Why is ulearn being replaced and is how is the new system more helpful?
The system we are currently using, uLearn, will no longer be supported by the company that provides it as of December 31 so a change had to be made. Desire2Learn has all the same features and functions that uLearn has with some additional functionality.

11/9/2012 9:03:55 – Will the student ID, password, and courses automatically transfer over from ULearn, or is there something we have to do?
At the start of the Spring semester, students will be able to log into D2L with their campus id’s and passwords. Though course materials from previous semesters will be transferred, students will not have access to the old courses. If you want students to have access to old course materials you will have to add them to your course(s) yourself.

11/9/2012 8:02:43 – Will there be any available training or “sneak peek” available for students before the first day of classes? The deliberate lack of concrete information available indicates a steep learning curve that the help desk is not willing or able to deal with at this point. Simply letting people figure things out on their own can be genius, or really backfire in ways unplanned for.
Information sessions for students begin November 13 and continue through the end of the semester. There will also be people available to help students in various points at the beginning of the Spring semester, and the library staff has been trained to assist the students with D2L.

11/9/2012 7:46:36 – I’m trying to log onto d2L and it’s not letting me log on. What do I do?
For log in problems, please contact the help center, Please note that part time faculty and staff have not been added to the system yet. They should be in by December 1.

11/4/2012 12:53:42 – Can final course grades be integrated into the school’s computer system?
At this time final course grades will not be integrated with the campus computer system. We hope to have that available within the next 12-18 months.

11/1/2012 15:06:44 – When will 2013 spring courses show up so we can start their development?
Spring courses will be loaded within the next 2 weeks

10/30/2012 13:16:11 – Hi, I was signed up for a desire2learn workshop on Dec 6, but you guys have cancelled it. Unfortunately, of the dates you have provided, I either teach, have office hours, or am out of town. What other options are available? Is there any chance you guys might consider a workshop after classes have ended when faculty have more flexibility?
We have lots of training options, including a virtual option. Please contact the exchange, 404-413-4700, for more training options.

10/30/2012 12:40:46 – I went to a training session and now I would like to enter the D2L site and begin to set up my class for next semester. How do I do this?
The URL for the D2L site is

10/27/2012 7:24:12 – It says that we may request that older courses (more than 4 semesters) be transferred, too. How do we submit these requests?
Unfortunately any courses before Fall 2011 will have to be rebuilt by the instructor. The team at the Exchange will be happy to show you how to do it, but you will have to rebuild the course yourself.

10/25/2012 21:31:14 – When will this transition to this new program take place?
The transition is taking place now. Desire2Learn will be implemented in the Spring of 2013. uLearn will be turned OFF January 31 2013.

10/24/2012 14:20:57 – I know that instructors have access to the plagiarism checker. Can you confirm whether students have access so that they can check their own work prior to submission?
Yes, there is a way to set a dropbox up to allow the students to see the originality report before the final submission deadline.

10/22/2012 8:31:49 – Do you have another training session scheduled in November or December? And can the training be done online or should I attend a training session on campus?
Beginning November 1 training will be held by appointment or as scheduled through departments. Training can be done online so you don’t need to come to campus. For more information about this please call 404-413-4700

10/22/2012 6:14:21 – You previously confirmed that scantron results could be uploaded for each student in a class and selectively released to individual students. This could have been performed in uLearn, but I have not done so as files uploaded were potentially accessible to any user in the uLearn system per the warning posted in the file manager (“Warning: Files in File Manager can be accessed by any user in the course even if there are no direct links to them. If you need to keep files private, save them in My Files.”) While most users are not savvy enough to locate the files, they were not truly private in uLearn. In the case of scantron forms, this is problematic as Panther ID #’s included on forms to unambiguously identify students are considered private, personal information.Does Desire2Learn prevent such unsecured access when files are selectively released?
Items in the Course Files area are, currently, only viewable to the course instructor and any designer/TA’s that have access to the course. This may change in the future with product updates as it did in uLearn. With that in mind, yes, items selectively released to a student will only be viewable by that student.

10/15/2012 7:56:50 – where is the training today?
All D2L overviews are held in Classroom South 401. All 1-1 consultations are held in the Exchange, Library South 106.

10/11/2012 7:16:59 – Is it possible to get log-in credentials without attending a D2L demo and individualized training? I work with part-time instructors who work full-time and are unable to attend any of these sessions, but I am willing to work with them to set up and use the functions they want IF their attendance at these apparently mandatory events can be waived.
At this time it is not possible to get log on credentials without attending a training. Please have them contact the Exchange, 404-413-4700 and we will work to accommodate them (we can set up virtual training sessions).

10/11/2012 7:16:19 – In a previous answer, it says that Fall 2012 courses may not be moved quickly enough to be available as the templates for spring. When will this migration of Fall courses be complete? The BOR has said they hope to have all Fall 2012 courses migrated by the middle of January. We are hoping that the course migration will be completed before that but can’t guarantee it. I am using new textbooks for two of my courses this semester, so I have posted considerable new material, from new slides to new quizzes, as well as current issues related to the course. If I can’t use my Fall classes as templates, but want to have a course website available no later than the first day of class, Does that mean I should go into my Spring 2012 uLearn courses, add all these new course materials to them now (duplicating what I am doing in my current class), so that I can use them as the templates for spring? If so, would the new course sites be available by the first day of the spring semester?
At this point in the semester the best idea would be for you to go into one of your courses in D2L and set up the content there. Doing that will allow you to easily copy your content into your Spring D2L courses. Spring 2012 courses have already been migrated into D2L so making any changes there will not be reflected in D2L.

10/11/2012 6:51:23 – Is it possible to get log-in credentials without attending a D2L demo and individualized training? I work with part-time instructors who work full-time and are unable to attend any of these sessions, but I am willing to work with them to set up and use the functions they want IF their attendance at these apparently mandatory events can be waived.
At this time it is not possible to get log on credentials without attending a training. Please have them contact the Exchange, 404-413-4700 and we will work to accommodate them (we can set up virtual training sessions).

10/10/2012 11:46:52 – Will the University provide an automatic move of all of our most recent course materials (files) from Ulearn to D2L. I have over 50 files and it would be burdensome to have to do a manual move.
The BOR is moving all content from the previous 4 semesters. Fall 2012 course materials will also be moved but we cannot guarentee they will be moved by the first day of the semester.

10/10/2012 7:05:31 – Is there guest access for open courses?
Guest access is provided the same way it was in uLearn. You will need to submit a request for a uLearn guest account to In the request please include the first and last name of the person you would like the D2L guest account for.

10/9/2012 7:27:15 How are my courses listed in D2L on the main page? In alphabetical order? Numeric order?
Courses in D2L are listed by most recently used. There is also a search feature to help you find courses.

9/26/2012 7:51:39 – In D2L will you be able to add the point value in an assessment to individual questions only one time like you can with a question set?>
The assessment feature in D2L is very robust but, unfortunately, you will still have to add point totals for individual questions.

9/24/2012 17:40:38 – Will courses that aren’t in Banner, and associated with a course catalog schedule course, be automatically moved over to Desire2Learn from uLearn?
Many of the courses that are not in Banner will not get moved automatically. Any courses that are not moved will have to be rebuilt by hand. For more information about this please contact the Exchange 404-413-4700.

9/22/2012 19:32:19 – Once Desire2Learn is launched at GSU, will the courses on uLearn that never had an expiration date and those that do, but at a later time after Jan 1, 2013, be transfered from uLearn to Desire2Learn?
Courses that were used in uLearn from Fall 2011 through the present semester will be migrated to D2L. However, because of the time it takes to migrate courses, Fall 2012 course may not be available to copy content from for the start of the Spring 2013 semester.

9/20/2012 6:53:37 – Will it be possible (and simple) to use selective release in D2L to send a student-specifc file (scantron results for a particular student) to each student in the class? For instance, if I have 100 students in a course, I would like to provide their scantron results to them individually without their results visible to their classmates.
Just like in uLearn, any grades that are entered into the grade book will be available to the individual student.  That is to say, students will not be able to see one anothers grades.If you were to scan the scantron and add it as a file, yes, you can selectively release that file to an individual student. In D2L this works in a way very similar to uLearn.

9/19/2012 10:24:06 – How will existing courses (and course content) be “moved” to Desire2Learn
The current, Spring 2012, and the previous 4 semesters of courses will be moved for you by the BOR.

9/17/2012 5:58:51 – How will you be able to request content from over two years ago if you want it to transfer over?
Courses that were not moved by the BOR will have to be rebuilt in D2L by the instructor.

9/16/2012 12:23:32 – When you setup the integration of D2L with the GoSolar class roll, will student’s Panther ID numbers appear in the D2L grade book? This is critical. Currently in uLearn ID numbers do NOT transfer, and we have to waste alot of time manually adding these for large classes of 200+, where exam scantrons use ID nos (not campus ID) and there are many students with similar names.
The names will appear in D2L the same way they currently appear in uLearn.

9/9/2012 13:22:36 – How much of my uLearn courses will be automatically transferred to the new platform?
The previous 4 semesters will be automatically copied into D2L for you.

9/9/2012 10:48:02 – How easy will it be to migrate our courses that are currently on ulearn? Will you all be able to “roll” them over like you currently can each semester?
Content for the last 4 semesters will be migrated automatically with, in most cases, little course clean up needed. D2L has a much more robust “roll over” feature. Not only can you copy complete content but you can also copy individual pieces or components into a course.

9/6/2012 11:32:12 – How well the Pearson (publisher) content integrate with Desire2Learn?
Pearson is one of D2L’s many partners and, as a result, many of their books and test banks integrate with D2L. They also have full courses that can be added into D2L.

9/6/2012 5:18:29 – Good morning, I just saw this on ULearn. However, there has been little to no mention of it anywhere else. When are we going to start promoting this change, since it is now fall 12?
The web page is one of many ways we will be promoting this change. There will also be some on campus Town Hall meetings, events at The Exchange (Library South 106) and many training and information sessions. These events will be advertised through flyers, postcards and campus broadcast e-mails.

8/23/2012 23:24:18 – What disability-friendly features does D2L offer? How’s the usability?
D2L is very accessible but, as with uLearn, a lot of it depends on the content provider and what format(s) the instructors load their materials in. For more information about D2L and accessibility visit here.

8/22/2012 12:36:50 – Will you be integrating the new Desire-to-Learn system with GoSolar so that course enrollments automatically get updated in Desire-to-Learn?
Desire 2 Learn will, initially, treat enrollments the same way uLearn does. There will still be a lag time between when a student registers for a course and when they show up in the D2L course list. Work is being done on full integration with Go Solar and should be completed within 12 to 18 months of the D2L rollout.

8/22/2012 7:37:52 – How easily will content from uLearn migrate to D2L?  What support are faculty going to be given to make the transition smooth, given that it is being forced upon us in the middle of the school year?
Content from the last 4 semesters will be migrated for you automatically. The migration does a pretty good job and, in most cases, the migrated courses will needs little clean up.The transition is not going to take place in the middle of the semester and we will have many staff and online resources to help make the transition a smooth one. Training for D2L will begin sometime in mid to late October.

8/17/2012 9:17:01 – Will there be direct integration of Quia through D2L or will students still need a separate login for Quia?
For the moment, students will still to log in separately for all systems on campus there is no direct integration with anything.

7/26/2012 10:12:42 – Will I be able to import assessments from existing courses in uLearn to Desire2Learn? By this I mean not only the questions and answers, but also the settings for each assessment.
Your exams and quizzes will be migrated over but you will have to go in and reset all the settings for each of them (that information doesn’t carry over).

7/26/2012 9:18:23 – I wonder where these questions go, and who will answer them.  Is it you?
It is I who answers them. If you have other questions, or need more in depth answers, please call the Exchange, 404-413-4700, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

7/10/2012 11:02:17 – I was wondering if you would do a traing session for GTA’s (Graduate Teachign Assistants)in the sociology department.
We’d be happy to do this once we begin training sometime mid Fall semester. To schedule a training for these students please call the Exchange 404-413-4700.

7/9/2012 12:39:27 – Will this system allow online testing?
Yes, Desire to Learn (D2L) has a very robust assessment feature.

5/1/2012 10:36:33 – Who can provide in-depth information about Desire2Learn?
For more information about Desire 2 Learn, please call the Exchange at 404-413-4700.

4/24/2012 18:48:13 – I think is great that GSU is finally adjusting to the advance technology and better compatibility for mobile devices. Very much looking forward to Jan 2013 and if you guys can make it sooner “Even Better”.
Desire 2 Learn is compatible with many mobile devices.

4/24/2012 12:52:45 – What type of updates would need to done to pc’s in preparation to Desire2Learn?
No special updates or software will be needed to use D2L. Desire 2 Learn will run with most internet connected computers.

4/18/2012 4:13:41 – When will instructors have access to Desire2Learn to begin working on their courses?
Instructors will have access to Desire2Learnsometime during the Fall 2012 semester to begin working on their courses. There will be training conducted on a test environment of Desire2Learn in the Fall 2012.

4/11/2012 8:49:58 – Is there a way that I can begin using Desire2Learn in the fall, rather than learning one system this summer and then switching to another in January? I’ll be teaching 2 graduate courses and one undergraduate one, all with enrollments between 25 and 50.
In preparation for the transition, there will be training conducted on a test environment of Desire2Learn in the fall. Desire2Learn’s production environment will not be available for teaching until January 2013.

3/30/2012 10:38:36 – Is this why i cant get into my ulearn now?
No, until it is implemented, your ability to access uLearn will not change.

3/29/2012 1:53:56 – I do not have any device from the i-family. Would I still be able to access Desire2Learn from any mobile device?
The features in Desire to Learn work with most smart phones. Currently, Desire2Learn supports most IOS, Android, and Blackberry 6 mobile devices. Desire to Learn also allows mobile users to create widgets that let them customize their mobile experience.

3/26/2012 7:37:21 – Really, This is like the fourth different change I have been through since I started college. Do we really need to learn a new system.
As of 2013 Blackboard will no longer support the version of its product we are using (we call it uLearn, it’s really Blackboard Vista 8). After a lot of research that included faculty, staff and students, the Board of Regents decide to go with Desire2Learn instead of upgrading to the new Blackboard product. No matter which product they had chosen, a total change in the interface and the way courses are designed would have happened.

3/17/2012 10:10:38 – Will our mail, to-do list, discussions, and bookmarks of the last two years also transfer automatically?
Any student data- mail, discussion posts etc. will not transfer over. Web links will transfer and your content will transfer.>

3/15/2012 10:44:25 – Will there be training and/or tutorials available during the fall?
There will be training and tutorials available in the Fall. More information to follow.

3/7/2012 12:58:17 – I have entire courses on the uLearn platform. Can these be transferred to Desire2Learn automatically?
Courses from the previous 2 years will be transferred automatically.  Anything older that needs to be transferred, as well as project and research courses, will be done by request.

3/7/2012 11:09:52 – Does Desire2Learn have a strong assessment capability?  Can I create the equivalent of “calculate” questions in uLearn?
Yes, Desire to Learn (D2L) has a very robust assessment feature that includes calculated questions.