Using Collaborate

Collaborate Meeting Room:

  1. Audio and Video area
    NOTE: If a video camera is being used, the image will appear in the black square. The video button at the bottom of that area allows the user to choose the quality of the video being sent. The talk button to the left must be pushed to activate the microphone. The controllers above the buttons control the volume of your speakers and microphone. 
  2. Activates the Whiteboard.
  3. Activates the application and desktop sharing.
  4. Activates the Web Tour feature.
  5. Allows you to load PowerPoint and images.
  6. Allow you to start or pause a recording.
  7. Navigation to move through the whiteboard or PowePoint slides.
  8. The participant list.
    NOTE: Right clicking on a participants’ name allows you to add or remove privileges such as the microphone, whiteboard, chat, etc.
  9. Whiteboard tools.
  10. Whiteboard area.
  11. Chat room.