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This post explores the many options when creating a quiz in iCollege.

Creating a Quiz

  1. From your course home page, click on the Assessments drop-down tab. In the drop-down menu, select Quizzes
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  3. Under Manage Quizzes, click New Quiz.
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  5. A New Quiz Page will open, and you will be presented with many options.
  6. Under the Properties tab:
    1. Name – The name of the quiz or exam.
    2. Category – Select or create a category to organize quizzes within the quiz list.
    3. Grade Item – Select or create a Grade Item where quiz scores should be sent to the grade book.
    4. Auto Export to Grades – If checked, scores will immediately be sent to the grade book once they are marked as scored.
    5. Student View Preview – Preview how scores will appear to students.
    6. Rubrics – Add a rubric for holistic scoring of the quiz.
    7. Automatic Grade – If checked, attempts will be marked graded immediately. Note: This option should NOT be checked if the quiz includes long answer questions.
    8. Optional Advanced Properties – Configure the following:
      • Whether students can view hints
      • Email notifications of quiz attempts
      • Disable right-click
      • Disable Pager and Alerts
    9. Messages – Add messages that students view prior to the exam:
      • Description – A message that is available before quiz availability.
      • Introduction – A message that displays at the beginning of the quiz.
    10. Page Header/Footer – Add a header or footer message to each page of the quiz.
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  7. Under the Restrictions tab:
    1. Status – set to either:
      • Inactive – Quizzes are not visible to students
      • Active – Quizzes are visible to students but they cannot take it until the specified day and time
    2. Dates – Enter the dates of availability for the quiz
    3. Additional Release Conditions – Create conditions that students must meet in order to access the quiz
    4. Security Options– Require students to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser while taking the quiz
    5. Optional Advanced Restrictions – Require a password or IP restriction to take the quiz
    6. Time Limit – Enter a quiz time limit
    7. Grace Period – The amount of time available to students to complete the submission process before their attempt is flagged as late
    8. Late Submissions – Determine how late submissions are handled:
      • Allow normal submissions – Attempts are flagged as late, but students can continue to work on the quiz after the time limit
      • Use Late Limit of X minutes – Attempts are scored as a zero after the Late Limit
      • Auto-Submit Attempt – At the end of the grace period the student’s work is saved as is. If students attempt to save their work, they are prompted to submit and no further changes are accepted
    9. Advanced Availability – Add Special Access to the quiz so that selected users have adjusted time limits, or only selected users have access to the quiz


  8. Under the Attempts tab:
    1. Attempts Allowed – Identify the number of student attempts on the quiz
    2. Overall Grade Calculation – Identify how multiple attempt scores are aggregated


  9. Under the Objectives tab: Indicate any course learning objectives that the quiz measures
  10. createquizzes6

  11. Under the Submissions View tab:
    1. Default View – Configures what students view upon completion of the quiz. By default students can view only their score
    2. Additional Views – Allows you to create additional views for students so that they view additional quiz information after a specified date.


  12. Under the Reports Setup tab: Create reports on quiz statistics that are available to specified course roles
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  14. Under the Layout/Questions tab: Add and edit questions that will appear in your quiz.
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  16. Click Save and Close
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If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or