Creating Dropbox Assignments in iCollege

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This document gives you the instruction on how to create assignment in DropBox in iCollege.

Create Dropbox Assignments

Create DropBox Assignments

  1. Click Assessments and then click Dropbox.
  2. Click New Folder.
  3. In the New Folder Window:
    1. Enter Name for the Dropbox folder
    2. Check the box to enable plagiarism detection. This option will evaluate the student’s submissions based on originality. For more information on this feature, refer to the TurnItIn documentation.
    3. Choose Individual or Group submission. The individual option will allow for assessment of each student while the group option evaluates multiple students in one assessment. To use the group option, you will have to first create a group from your course home. This option will be under Course Administration
    4. Choose, or create, a dropbox Category. E.g. ‘Homework Assignments’ or ‘Essay Assignments’ (optional)
    5. Select or Create a grade item, which identifies the column in your grade book where Dropbox scores will be sent, then add a maximum score and a rubric
    6. Add your Instructions. You can add images and embed videos by clicking the pencil icon to expand the editing tools, as well as add documents and audio recordings. There is a 1 minute limit to audio recordings
  4. Under Submission Options, click Show Submission Options to expand the options. Here, you can choose how many files your students are able to upload as well as how many times they can upload to an assignment
  5. d2l-dbox-create1
  6. Click the Restrictions tab.
  7. From here you can:
    1. Give the assignment a start date, due date, and end date, as well as choose to display this in your, and your student’s calendars
    2. Add release conditions
    3. Select users to have special access, and associate learning objectives with your dropbox folder
    4. d2l-dbox-create3
  8. When you are finished, click Save and Close.


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk at 404-413-HELP (404-413-4357) or