Creating Calendar Events in iCollege

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This post outlines how to create an event in your calendar in iCollege.

Creating an Event

  1. From your Course Homepage:
    1. Click small-arrow
    2. Click Go to Calendar
  2. Within the Calendar, click Create Event
  3. creating-calendar-event-001
  4. In the event parameters window, you have several options:
    1. Add Content – Select items already uploaded to your course files to be included in the event
    2. Event Title – Title your event
    3. Description – Inform your students of what the event entails
    4. When – Allows you to set a start and end time for your event
    5. Add Recurrence – Set the frequency of recurring events
    6. Add Restriction – Sets the visibility of the event for students
    7. Location – Informs your students about the location of your event
  5. When finished, click Create
  6. createevents4


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