Reorganize Content in iCollege

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Topics on Content in iCollege

Steps to Hide Content Items

  1. Go to Your Course Home Page
  2. Click content from the course navigation

  3. Add items you would like to hide and then click 
  4. Check the boxes under Hide and then click Save

  5. Topic is Hidden

Steps to Rename Content Items

  1. Click to Edit Item

  2. Enter New Title on the title field and then Click Save

Steps to Reorder Content Items

  1. Click Reorder on the top navigation

  2. Select number 1 from the drop-down list of the items to be reordered

  3. Click Save

  4. Reordered Item is on the top

Steps to Make Changes to All Content Items

  1. Check the box above Content Items and the click
  2. Modify Items in the Content and then Click Save


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