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This document gives you the step on how to Add Content to Your Course in iCollege.


Add Content to Your Course

Add Content Using the Content Tool

  1. Click Resources and then click Content.
  2. You can Add New Content or Add Existing Content.
    1. Add New Content: Click New and then choose type of content.
    2. Add Existing Content: Click Add Activities and then choose Existing Content.

Add Content Using the Course Builder

  1. Click Resources and then click Course Builder.
  2. Drag Items from the Build Outline, Add Content, or Browse Tools in the left-hand panel
    1. Build Outline: Creates modules and adds placeholders that add structure to your course without creating and adding content.
    2. Add Content: Creates new Quick links, Files, Discussions, Drop-box folders, and Quizzes as well as adds Grade Items or Learning Objectives to items.
    3. Browse Tools: Adds existing content to your course canvas.

Add Content Using Manage Files Tool

  1. Under Course Administration, click Manage Files.
  2. Check the boxes for the files that you want to add, and then click the Add-content-icon1 icon
  3. Choose Module and then click Add.

Reorganize Content Using Content Tool

  1. Click 3-lines
  2. Drag the items to new locations.


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